Company: World Scientific Publishing

Company Description

World Scientific Publishing (WSP) is a leading international publisher of books and journals covering the sciences, technology, and social sciences. Founded in 1981, WSP has published over 8,00 titles and today publishes more than 500 books and over 140 journals each year. WSP publishes quality works for professionals, academics, students, and general readers in a wide range of science, technology and social science areas. WSP’s talented editorial and production staff provide authors, editors, and readers with novel and innovative books and journals in terms of peer reviews, research content, design, and production.

In addition to its professional publishing activities, World Scientific Publishing is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and information worldwide. WSP sponsors various academic conferences and workshops, and awards several prizes to recognize excellence in research. WSP’s products are available on all continents and in an expanding number of digital formats, and are exported to many countries, providing innovative and groundbreaking content to a worldwide audience.

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