Company: Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd

Company Description

Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd is a leading provider of industrial engines, transmissions and a variety of other industrial products from China. Our wide range of products includes marine, power, construction and agricultural engines, transmissions, generators and more. Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Weichai Power Co Ltd, a leading Chinese industrial engine manufacturer with a history of more than a century. Our main manufacturing and research base is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province of China, and we have been providing engines and transmissions for customers in Southeast Asia since 2004.

Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best value product from China. Our experienced and knowledgeable service team is always available to provide technical support to our customers. From our standard engine product line with capacity ranging from 1KW to 30MW to our custom-built engines with power and specifications to meet customer’s needs, Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd is equipped to meet customer’s needs. We also provide a wide range of services such as testing and quality control, engine parts and component replacement, engine maintenance, reconditioning and overhaul.

Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd strives to keep our customers satisfied with cost-effective and quality driven products. With a proven track record of excellent service and support, Weichai Singapore Pte Ltd is the ideal partner for your industrial engine needs.

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