Company: Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)

Company Description

The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is a professional body for human resource practitioners in Singapore that seeks to promote the effectiveness, efficiency and importance of Human Resource (HR) services. Established in 1998, SHRI is recognised as the lead organisation in Singapore for HR professionals providing professional development, recognition and advocacy for its members. It is an affiliate of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resources Professional (APFHRP).

SHRI is committed to the advancement of excellence in human resource services and works inclusively with its partners and stakeholders to create an environment for HR practitioners that is conducive to professional development, business growth and successful outcomes. SHRI’s initiatives include research, networking and communication, professional standards and recognition, leadership and policy development, benchmarking, and international collaborations.

SHRI provides members with a range of HR events such as forums, educational courses, seminars, workshops, awards and certification programs. These activities provide members with the professional development, recognition and advocacy they need to keep ahead in the ever-changing world of HR. SHRI also provides members with a platform to stay abreast of current industry developments and best practices, as well as HR trends and policies.

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