Company: Shun Yi Cheng Contract Engineering Pte Ltd

Industry: Construction

Company Description

Shun Yi Cheng Contract Engineering Pte Ltd is a private limited company that has been providing engineering services since 1995. The company specializes in engineering services, from project planning to engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, and maintenance services. Its operations are mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. It offers its services to both commercial and residential customers, with a focus on delivering quality and total solutions. The company has a diverse range of clients and offers a comprehensive array of services, such as MEP and civil/structural engineering, fire protection systems, substation services, fire systems, power and energy systems, control systems, and planning services. Shun Yi Cheng Contract Engineering Pte Ltd has a team of highly experienced and skilled personnel, who are committed to providing high-quality engineering services. The company applies innovative technologies, follows industry standards, and adopts advanced engineering practices. In addition, it is also actively engaged in research and development, working closely with the many different partners.

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