Company: Shimizu Corporation

Industry: Construction

Company Description

Shimizu Corporation is one of the leading construction companies in Japan, with offices located nationwide as well as overseas in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Oceania. Founded in 1924, Shimizu has been at the forefront of building innovative and sophisticated structures including commercial and office buildings, hospitals, and hotels. Amid growing demand for eco-friendly construction, Shimizu continues to offer high-quality green solutions for projects in any region with the help of its specialized construction systems.

The company boasts the experience and expertise to tackle construction projects of any size, from residential buildings and condominiums to large-scale urban development and infrastructure construction. Shimizu also provides a suite of planning, design, and construction services including consultation, feasibility studies, and assistance with land acquisition. Currently, Shimizu is increasing its global presence by participating in projects abroad in overseas regions.

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