Company Description

SG REHAB PTE. LTD. is a rehabilitation service providing company, established in Singapore. It provides complete solution for individuals with special needs, to help them increase their independence, partcipate more in the community and live more meaningful lives. The company offers physical, occupational and behavioral therapies as well as health and wellness services, including cognitive rehabilitation. Working with the individual, their families and carers, they provide timely and tailored interventions, so that their clients can learn the necessary skills to manage their own well-being.

SG REHAB PTE. LTD. provides a range of services to meet the diverse needs of different clients. This includes assessment and diagnosis, evaluation, management, education /training, therapy, and follow-up. They also provide a variety of services related to special educational needs, such as individualised programs, educational support and counselling. SG REHAB PTE. LTD. also has a range of relevant resources, such as training materials and a library of text book and research literature.

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