Company Description

Oso Ristorante Pte Ltd. is a leading Italian restaurant in Singapore. Our restaurant has been offering exceptional Italian cuisine since 2011. We are committed to providing the highest quality of Italian dishes as we use the freshest ingredients available in the market. Our dishes range from traditional Italian cuisine to more modern, creative dishes with a focus on local ingredients. We offer a variety of dishes from appetizers, main courses, desserts, drinks and celebratory menus to cater to all types of occasions. Our warm and inviting atmosphere is complemented by our friendly and professional staff who are always available to meet your needs.

At Oso Ristorante Pte Ltd., we pride ourselves on providing you with authentic Italian-style hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable experience. For those seeking a romantic Italian dining experience, our cozy Italian themed indoors will be perfect. Join us for a delicious lunch or dinner, or stop by for our famous weekend or weekday brunch. Whether you’re searching for a delicious Italian family dinner, an exquisite private lunch or dinner, or just a nice time with friends, Oso Ristorante Pte Ltd. has it all.

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