Company Description

MAISON ANLI (PTE. LTD.) is a Singapore-based luxury furniture and interior design company. Established with global perspective and sensitivity, MAISON ANLI offer sophisticated and luxurious products and services for luxury lifestyle and hospitality. Its team of experienced in-house designers create bespoke furniture and interiors with a strong contemporary influence, focusing on providing modern designs and excellence in all aspects.

MAISON ANLI’s vision is to bring their customers the best quality and unique designs, skills and products and to exceed customer expectation. They have established close relationships with their customers and suppliers which enable them to craft innovative and impressive designs and products. Their mission is to make MAISON ANLI the finest provider of exquisite furnishings, interiors and services.

MAISON ANLI continues its commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, designs and quality. They are dedicated to creating timeless and luxurious furniture and interiors for the most discerning customers. MAISON ANLI also provides exclusive styling and design services for residential and commercial spaces, as well as customized furniture and products.

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