Company Description

Jiaxing Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based investment holding company. Established in 1991, the Company operates as a holding company and invests in a diversified portfolio of businesses in the timber and trading, printing, engineering and electronics sectors. The Company has invested mainly in companies dealing in timber and trading and these sectors has been the mainstay of its business. Its printing business specialises in pre-printing services, printing services, post-printing services and other related services. Jiaxing Holdings Pte. Ltd. also has investments in the engineering sector which are mainly related to the manufacturing and trading of semiconductor components and equipment. The company offers services like electronic contract manufacturing, repairs and rework services, original equipment manufacturing and system integration. Jiaxing Holdings Pte. Ltd. is committed to empowering its portfolio companies to pursue innovation and growth opportunities, and to contribute to Singapore’s economic development.

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