Company Description

Jiangsu Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Jiangsu) is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore. Jiangsu is a multi-disciplinary global corporate enterprise, focusing mainly on investments, industrial operations, and services. Its operations span four core sectors – industrial, resources, energy, and services – across six continents.

Jiangsu has established itself as a leader in the global market. It has a vast network of partners and affiliates as it continues to expand its presence in international markets. It maintains an efficient management and robust corporate governance practices. Jiangsu has a passion for creating and delivering high-value solutions for customers in multiple end markets. It is also committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates.

Jiangsu understands that customer satisfaction and success are the foundation of sustainable growth. To achieve this, Jiangsu continues to leverage its global resources, its excellent understanding of customer needs, its technical expertise and its commitment to innovation. Its core values of integrity, trust, mutual respect, quality, and collaboration support all of its activities.

Jiangsu is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the industry and provide a world-class experience for customers around the world. Jiangsu’s dedication to delivering maximum value to customers, coupled with its broad array of product offerings, make it a trusted partner for many customers.

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