Company Description

Jeju Derma Care is a specialized skin-care brand established in Jeju, South Korea. It was founded in 200 with a vision of providing innovative skin-care solutions that are high performing yet gentle on the skin. Jeju Derma Care produces skin-care products formulated with natural botanical extracts and the latest innovative technologies. Some of the brand’s top-selling products include its Waterbury Soothing Overnight Mask, Jeju Miracle Moisturizer, and Multi-Nourishing Night Cream. All of the brand’s products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of artificial fragrances and colors.

Jeju Derma Care combines science and nature to craft clean, effective skin-care products targeting its customers’ most common skin issues. The brand places a great emphasis on quality, ensuring its products are held up to rigorous testing and high performance standards. To meet customers’ needs, the brand offers a variety of skin-care products targeted at various skin types and issues, ranging from moisturizers to treatments for acne, aging, and sensitivity. It also provides regular advice, tips, and resources on its official website to educate its customers on how to best care for their skin.

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