Company: Infrasoft Technologies Ltd

Company Description

Infrasoft Technologies Ltd. is one of India’s leading software companies that focuses on development of FinTech, RegTech and Digital solutions. The company has been in business for over 25 years, developing solutions for financial, banking, insurance, Pensions and mutual fund sector. Infrasoft Technologies is consistently on the lookout for technology and business innovations that can bring solutions to their customers in an effective manner. The company creates solutions that are modular, affordable and centered around customer needs.

Infrasoft Technologies has a diversified portfolio that includes Banking Core Outsourcing Solutions, Mobile Banking, Payments Solutions, Card Management Solutions, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Blockchain Solutions, Chatbot Solutions, Document Management Systems, Regulatory Reporting Solutions, and Core Banking Solutions. They have a wide range of partners across the globe, ranging from global technology giants to regional banks.

Infrasoft Technologies is committed to delivering high performance, secure and reliable solutions that meet compliance requirements of global standards. Their products are designed to reduce time to market, increase operational efficiency and help organizations deliver delightful customer experiences. The company’s strong track record in the FinTech domain is backed by its highly skilled research and development team, its commitment to delivering innovative products and its advanced technology infrastructure.

Operating from strategic locations across the globe, Infrasoft Technologies is steadily expanding to align its services to the rapidly evolving business landscape. With award winning products and services, the company is committed to continuing to offer enhanced value to its customers with cutting-edge Financial Technologies.

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