Company Description

Indigo Holding Pte. Ltd. is a private limited company established in 2020, and is a Singapore-based holdings company. It operates in the niche of financial investments and was founded by a team of experienced finance professionals from across the country. The company is committed to providing ethical financial services to its clients and partners, and regularly works with financial, legal and compliance organizations in order to ensure that its practices meet rigorous standards of quality and excellence.

Indigo Holding Pte. Ltd. currently offers a wide range of investment products, including stock market investments, mutual funds, venture capital, alternative investments, futures, options, and more. In addition, the company provides support to its clients in the areas of portfolio management, wealth planning, and risk management. Through its professional team, the company is able to deliver customized and effective solutions to its clients.

Indigo Holding Pte. Ltd. has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai, and has an extensive network of financial advisors and market experts. The company is passionate about fostering financial literacy and responsibility amongst its clients and is committed to creating long-term relationships with them.

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