Company Description

HAI SIA SEAFOOD PTE. LTD. is a seafood wholesaler and distributor in Singapore, providing top-quality seafood products to businesses and consumers alike. We have a long history of sourcing and supplying seafood from top-tier global sources. Our business model is focused on providing customers with quality seafood, competitive prices, and superior customer service. Our product range includes fresh fishes, shellfish, crabs, and other seafood products. We also offer a wide selection of processed seafood products such as frozen and tinned seafood items. Moreover, we provide delivery services to our customers, ensuring that our seafood products reach them in the best condition possible.

At HAI SIA SEAFOOD PTE. LTD., our team is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality seafood products at competitive prices. We work closely with local and international seafood suppliers to ensure our customers have access to the freshest seafood. Our team of experienced staff members is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all orders are processed efficiently. We also actively invest in research and development of new seafood products that reflect global trends in seafood consumption.

At HAI SIA SEAFOOD PTE. LTD. we understand the importance of responsible practices and conservation. We take extra care to ensure our seafood products meet internationally recognized standards for health and safety. We also source our seafood responsibly, respecting the environment and utilizing sustainable fishing practices.

We invite you to join us and explore the world of seafood with HAI SIA SEAFOOD PTE. LTD. Our team is here to help you find the perfect seafood products to meet your needs.

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