Company Description

Edible Garden City Pte. Ltd. is a leading Singaporean landscape planning and design firm, specializing in edible gardens for urban settings. With over fifteen years of experience and a passion for sustainable urban agriculture, they are committed to creating show-stopping edible gardens that are both beautiful and functional. They work closely with their clients to create gardens that suit their needs, from roof-top gardens for city apartments to large commercial spaces. Whether they are working on a one-time project or designing a permanent installation, the firm partners with a select range of eco-friendly companies to provide the best materials and services available. They also specialize in creating green walls, vertical gardens, food forests, beekeeping, and other innovative solutions for growing food in the urban environment. In addition to services for edible gardens, the company also offers landscape planning and design services for outdoor spaces, from patios to urban parks. Edible Garden City Pte. Ltd. is a proud supporter of urban agriculture and they strive to create a future of beautiful, edible cities.

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