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The Church of St Bernadette was established in 1982 and is an integral part of the Catholic faith in Sugarcreek, Ohio. We are a vibrant faith community striving to deepen our relationship with God through dedicating our time to prayer, service to others, and sharing the Gospel.

The Church of St Bernadette offers weekly Masses serving the Sugarcreek community with a rich liturgical and homiletic experience. We also host Bible studies, events, and programs throughout the year for our parishioners. As a Catholic Church, we are dedicated to providing our community with a true sense of spiritual growth and camaraderie.

At the Church of St Bernadette, we invite everyone — regardless of religious background — to come and feel welcomed into our faith community. Our door is open to all. If you are looking for a spiritual place of exploration, prayer, and growth, come and join us for Masses and events.

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