Company Description

Build-Max Construction Pte Ltd is a leading player in the Singapore construction industry. Founded in 1996, the company has grown steadily and has become a trusted name in the building and construction business. The company provides high quality services for commercial, residential and industrial projects, ranging from design and architecture to engineering and construction. It is a comprehensive provider of both pre- and post-construction services, ensuring that every project is completed with utmost precision and efficiency.

The experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals at Build-Max Construction Pte Ltd provides the best possible services for clients. The team includes civil engineers, architects, designers, project managers, site supervisors and technicians. All these professionals come together to ensure that each project is successful and completed within the customer requirements and the stipulated timeline. The staffs are highly experienced in handling different types of projects, and they can provide all the support needed from the start to the completion level.

Build-Max Construction Pte Ltd is committed to providing the best quality construction services and products. They make sure to use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that projects are completed with maximum efficiency and safety. The team ensures that all safety regulations are followed both during the construction process and post completion. They also use the most reliable raw materials and supplies that are available in the market.

At Build-Max Construction Pte Ltd, the customer is always the priority. They take the time to understand customer needs and preferences, ensuring that all their requirements are fulfilled. The customer service team also ensures that all queries are answered and issues are addressed promptly. Through their efficient services and quality results, Build-Max Construction Pte Ltd has become a preferred partner for the Singapore construction industry.