Company Description

Beng Kuang Marine (B&Chew) Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based specialist in ship and vessel services. Established in 1967, the company has grown rapidly over the past 50 years to become a major leader of the industry with a wide range of expertise in construction, engineering, and transportation of a variety of maritime activities. Our core service offerings include shipbuilding, repair, conversion, and maintenance of all kinds of vessels ranging from fishing boats to large-scale shipping fleets. We have constructed robust, seaworthy ships tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. Our commitment to upholding high safety and security standards, combined with our competitive pricing and flexible delivery schedules, ensures that we are the preferred supplier in the maritime industry.

Beng Kuang Marine’s principles are deeply rooted in our work ethics and practicality. We are committed to establishing lasting relationships through efficiency and reliability. We place a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility through the use of green technologies and materials. Furthermore, we strive to foster an open dialogue with our partners, customers, and suppliers to optimize our services while observing strict compliance with all applicable maritime regulations.

Our management and operational teams are comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in project management and quality assurance. Our teams have the technical acumen to provide comprehensive solutions both on- and off-site. Through our strategic partnerships with global partners in the maritime industry, we are able to leverage the best available technologies to make sure that our customers receive the highest quality services and products.

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