Company Description

B & H Worldwide (SG) Pte Ltd is an engineering, manufacturing and technology consultancy based in Singapore. Founded over 40 years ago, the company is focused on providing customer-oriented solutions for challenging projects. The company leads the field in innovation and has become a leader in the industry for custom products and services. From engineering and product design to supply chain management, B & H Worldwide (SG) Pte Ltd is a full-service provider of total solutions. The company offers turnkey solutions and provides both product and project management services to ensure that each customer receives the best possible products and services.

B & H Worldwide (SG) Pte Ltd is highly experienced in a range of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, defence, marine, industrial, hospitality, medical and automotive. The company has built a strong reputation for its ability to develop and engineer complex project solutions for customers in a range of industries. B & H Worldwide (SG) Pte Ltd has also become a leader in the field of R&D, developing custom solutions and products that meet the customers’ precise requirements. The company is committed to providing quality support and customer service throughout the entire product development cycle.

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