Company Description

Arthro Singapore, Pte. Ltd. is a leader in the medical device industry providing innovative solutions for orthopedic health. It is a subsidiary of Arthrex Inc., a world-renowned provider of advanced orthopedic devices, tools and training for orthopedic surgeons and healthcare professionals. Arthrex Singapore is based in Suntec City, Singapore and was established in 2005.
It provides joint reconstruction, trauma, sports protection, spine and oral maxillofacial products and services, offering innovation in every aspect of orthopedic medicine. With its strong commitment to research and development, Arthro Singapore continues to improve and push the boundaries for superior orthopedic care. Its innovative products, along with its excellent customer service and support, have established the company as a trusted leader in the medical device industry. With a large portfolio of solutions, Arthro Singapore is well-positioned to serve the needs of medical professionals and healthcare facilities in the region.

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