Company: Alchemy Foodtech | Alchemy Fibre™

Company Description

Alchemy Foodtech is an innovative food technology company dedicated to developing healthy and sustainable plant-based fibres for a variety of applications. Alchemy Fibre™ is their flagship product, an all-natural, plant-based, high performance and sustainable replacement for traditional non-plant-based fibres. Alchemy Fibre™ is produced using cutting-edge ingredients and modern processing technologies to deliver a safe and consistent product for a range of food processing requirements. It provides excellent mouthfeel, binding, emulsifying and other high-value functional properties, making it an ideal ingredient in the production of plant-based food, beverage and pet food products.

At Alchemy Foodtech, we strive to remain at the forefront of food technology, pushing boundaries and innovation with every product offering we craft. Our mission is to create revolutionary food ingredients which are safe, nutritious, sustainable, and CO2-friendly. Our plant-based fibre development is based on the cleanest ingredients and processing technologies for highly functional and nutritious foods that help people live healthier lives.

We are passionate about finding and developing the best plant-based alternatives to conventional ingredients, and believe that our vegan-friendly and ethically-sourced ingredients are the future of the food industry. As a company that is also keenly aware of its global impact, we make sure to use the most resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods available.

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