Company: 3Si Pte Ltd

Company Description

3Si Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company specialising in the design, engineering, marketing and supply of advanced security and surveillance solutions for commercial and industrial clients worldwide. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, including networked video surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, analytics software, audio and video intercom systems, and digital security systems. 3Si Pte Ltd also provides professional services such as project management, system integration, project consultation and training.

Having operated for over 10 years, 3Si Pte Ltd is committed to delivering leading-edge video surveillance and security solutions to its customers. The company continuously evaluates the latest technologies in the security industry and strives to develop innovative technologies to meet the changing needs of its clients. 3Si Pte Ltd has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

The company prides itself in its customer service, aiming to provide the highest quality of products and services to customers. 3Si Pte Ltd is also dedicated to protecting the environment and strives to reduce its impact on the environment through energy efficient products and initiatives. 3Si Pte Ltd is committed to remaining an industry leader in the security and surveillance industry, and to providing the best customer experience.

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